Pooh Corner Renewable Energy

In Colorado, we are at the crossroads of technology availability, and financial incentives. A Solar Electric System, properly known as a Photovoltaic Array, installed for a business today can accomplish what may seem unbelievable. It can reduce or eliminate your electric bill, reduce your environmental impact, add desirable marketing visibility, all with a return on investment as short two years. Financing options range from 90 days, same as cash, to 15 years

Pooh Corner Renewable Energy opened for Business on September 6, 2008, as a spin off of the 43 year old company, Pooh Corner Electric.

Pooh Corner Electric has designed, installed, or provided contracting services for 36 Photovoltaic Array Projects over the past three years. That success has led to the expansion of marketing and other services.

Our Website is under construction, we are adding new content daily. If you do not see the information you need, please contact us for the latest information, or check back soon.

Please contact Charles Nelson, CEO, at Chuck@PoohCornerRE.com,
Or contact Nel Nelson, COO, at Nel@PoohCornerRE.com.