Our primary goal is to design and install Photovoltaic Arrays (PV) for installation on your Businesses Roof or property that will reduce or eliminate your expenditures for electricity. Or, they can produce income from the Excess Electricity sold back to your utility company through the use of Net Metering.

Many variables are deciding factors of the design array of the that will be the best fit for your business. They include, but are not limited to;

Total amount of electricity used each month.

Roof space (or other area) available for the installation. Some roofs have numerous vents, blowers, and/or air conditioning systems that reduce the area available.

Electric Service voltage, amperage, and nature (single phase, or one 3 types of three phase, 120/208 volt, 120/240 volt, or 277/480 volt).

Building Structure type and load carrying capability.

Roof type, age and condition.

Trees, power poles, and other buildings, that shade parts of the area considered, can reduce the usable area for PV.

Several mounting system are available and the use of each also depend on existing conditions.

We will provide a free evaluation of your building and/or site, to produce a proposal for your company.

We also provide other Renewable Energy Solutions, as well as Energy Efficiency consulting and power reduction upgrades of existing equipment.